About us

BREADZ , bakery landed in Kammanahalli in 2007 to become the home of quality baking in Bangalore. Today it is famed for its breads , luscious cakes , crunchy and flaky savories and more.

Breadz bakery founded in 2007 to bring the authentic taste of home baking in Bangalore. It also has presence in the Middle East with two branches already operating successfully in Dubai and with further launches planned.

G.L. Reddy, the company founder and Managing Director of GOLDLINE BUILDERS AND DEVELOPERS , developed Breadz Bakery concept in response to what he saw as a lack of any places in Kammanahalli to enjoy the taste of truly authentic baking. His vision for the bakery transpired to be something that many within Bangalore, came to share. Today the bakery has become a highly celebrated and iconic brands.

Loyal , regular customers deplete a bakery's inventory, supplying it with the means to be continually baking and thus continuously replenishing its shelves with the freshest possible baked goods. Although we start baking in the early morning. You will always see us baking when you visit the store. “We don’t just bake while you sleep!”.

Experts who know everything about operating a successful, reliable bakery would surely agree on at least one critical element freshness. Bakeries want the reputation of offering the freshest baked goods around. We guarantee the type of freshly baked goods that cultivate loyal customers, however, our bakery provides items that are no more than a few hours, or even minutes old .we assure that you have heard of “local- fresh baked goods connoisseur" say that when they pick up their favorite item from their favorite bakery, they are not surprised , to find it “still warm after coming home."

The only way that a bakery can have any hope of keeping their goods so fresh is through the process of “turning inventory", and the only way to turn inventory so quickly is to offer the types of baked goods that bring customers in time after time. This is the only process that we know which will always provide our customers with the freshest possible baked goods imaginable every time they visit Breadz Bakery.

In order to achieve and maintain a high level of customer service, we always have on hand a friendly and helpful staff who helps move our freshly baked goods from our on-site kitchen and ovens to our shelves and to your home.

Breadz offers a full range of baked treats and desserts including muffins , layer cakes, brownies , donuts, pies, macrons and much more. The bakery also caters for customers requiring cakes , any baked treats for weddings, birthdays , events and other celebrations.

our staff will also help with any questions you may have and with suggestions for designs and ideas for cakes.


Our Vision

Since 2006, Goldline Breadz has grown to become a well-respected purveyor of fine baking goods within Bangalore. As the founder of Goldline Breadz, I had a vision that my company could provide fresh and high quality baked goods year-round at a fair price. Time and Circumstances have changed as my company has grown,but the foundation laid in 2006 has remained constant.

Our History

If bread is an art,please call us masters. We bake more than 30 different types of bread,with particular attention to the selection of raw materials, always offering new recipes, designed to satisfy every need.we also offer a wide range of savouries ,desserts and cakes for all the occasions. Breadz was among the first, more than 12yrs ago,to offer a wide selection of baked goods in bangalore.

What we do

We have a great team who are all passionate and enthusistic about what we do and producing the best quality they can.Reputation and customer Satisfaction is at the top of our list and we do everything we can to achieve this on a daily basis. "Having a taste for quality is having a taste for life". Since 2006, we have strived to provide fresh and high quality baked goods. So ,kindly enjoy-this is our heritage.